The oasis of kamppi

Welcome to the oasis of Kamppi to relax and enjoy an authentic Mediterranean experience.

Restaurant Krog Madame offers you authentic Mediterranean experiences. We combine food and drinks in a great environment – not to mention great company!

Krog Madame’s opening hours:

Mon-Thu 11.00-22.00
Fri    11.00-23.00
Sat   15.00-23.00




Philosophy of our kitchen: the mediterranean spirit

The pillars on which our kitchen stands, are the seven cuisines from around the Mediterranean: the Italian, Greek, Ottoman, Levantine, Maghrebi, Spanish, and Provencal cuisines.

We pick the best recipes and ingredients from each region, turning them into mouth-watering combinations. Our Chef’s menu concentrates on one cuisine at a time, and is changed monthly.

The culinary experience is further complemented by the wines, beers and cocktails we offer – according to the unique tastes and preferences of our customers.

Our service and the constant development of it

Our service is characterized by expertise and discretion. Our experienced and well-trained personnel knows our selection of both wines and food through and through. In the Krog Madame family, everyone takes part in improving the quality of our service and your experience.

Making you feel good makes us feel good. Don’t be shy to give us direct feedback.

We welcome you to Krog Madame – to enjoy!